Corrective Exercise Programmes for Cyclists


Discover how a targeted core and flexibility programme can release your true cycling potential.

Cycling, unfortunately, is entirely dysfunctional to the normal mechanics of the human body. We are simply not designed to ride bikes like we are to walk or run. On top of this is the chronic loading caused by engaging in an endurance sport. In all, our beloved sport is a prime harbourer of pain and dysfunction! As a C.H.E.K practitioner Dave is able to offer a precise insight into your biomechanical form and function and translate this information into a targeted* programme of core and flexibility exercises.  Such a programme would aim to target any specific malalignments or muscular imbalances in the body, and so help to lessen pain and dysfunction.  Given that a well aligned and balanced body has the greatest potential for physical performance then a tailored programme can be considered a key factor in allowing raw power and strength to be better harnessed.

What we offer……..

Development of our core and flexibility programmes for athletes is a two part process:

  1. 1 hour biomechanical screen. During this session we will analyse and measure a whole spectrum of variables such as your pelvic alignment, joint range of movement, muscle function tests, left/right asymmetries etc. The data from this session then allows us to prescribe you with a specific programme of corrective stretches and mobilsers, with the intention of improving aligngment and posture.
  2. Development of the core and flexibility programme. This 1 hour session involves a full demonstration of each exercise and rationale behind the movements (in context of how it will reduce pain/dysfunction and improve power on the bike). You will receive a written description of the programme and a spreadsheet to record your workouts and progression. Programme updates and modifications are recommended every 4-6 weeks.



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