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The My Performance Coach GOLD programme is centred upon 5 specialist coaching sessions, all conducted on a 1 to 1 basis.  An array of fitness tests and in-depth screening will allow the coach to create your individualised 6 week performance plan. This will act as a detailed guide to your fitness training, strength programme, flexibility routine and diet plan. Feed back and monitoring will occur during the 6 week period, based on your transfer of training data to the coach (optional  1 to 1 coaching available during this time window). At the end of the 6 weeks you will attend a review session where you will repeat selected tests, the results of which will inform the follow up 6 week plan.

Session 1. Goal profiling and physiological testing

  • Discussion of season and yearly goals, progression so far and potential limiting factors in performance.
  • Heart rate/power data from an incremental ramp test or threshold test.
  • Peak power testing.
  • Cycle technique to be recorded on camera.
  • Force curve data collection.


Session 2. Bio-mechanical screen

  • Screening of numerous mechanical variables such as: flexibility (joint range of movement), muscle function tests, spinal and pelvic postures, dynamic and static core stability, left/right asymmetries.
  • Discussion of ‘force curves’ from last sessions testing (explained in context of the biomechanical screening results).
  • Video analysis of your cycle technique.
  • Key advice will be given on cadence changes and pedal upstroke/down stroke modifications.


Session 3. Creation of the core & flexibility programme

  • Results from the biomechanical screen will then inform the content of your personalised core & flexibility programme. This will be demonstrated to you during this one hour session at the MPC fitness studio.
  • Rationale of each exercise will be given in context of improving force production and correcting biomechanical asymmetries.
  • Agreement made on priority areas of action.
  • You will receive a written programme and spreadsheet to record your workouts.
  • Extensive online exercise directory available to MPC clients.


Session 4. Nutritional Consultation

  • Prior to the session you will have completed a food log and food frequency questionnaire.
  • To aid the consultation you will have also pre-selected what is your key interest, e.g. body fat loss, nutritional plans & fluid strategies for races or dietary plans for day to day training and recovery.
  • You will receive a written summary and related plan of action for your event.

Session 5. Creation of the strength & conditioning programme

  • Your personalised strength programme will be demonstrated to you during a 1 hour session at the MPC clinic.
  • The rationale behind the movements, in context of how it will help you increase power on the bike, will also be explained.
  • You will receive a written programme, with a corresponding spreadsheet to record your data.


To make a booking contact Dave on 07764 255211 Or


MPC coaching options

6 week review session

After 6 weeks you will be invited back to the MPC fitness studio. On this review session you will repeat the fitness tests used in the initial testing session (incremental ramp test/20 min threshold test/peak power tests). Forces curves from the previous 6 weeks will also be compared to the new set of data, as will the video of your cycling technique. Data from the fitness tests will then inform the follow up 6 week plan. Extensive biomechanical retesting and screening will also be conducted, with relevant modifications made to the strength programme and core/flexibility routine.  


Sports massage therapy

Intense training, what ever your level of ability, needs to be respected. Making a long term commitment to looking after the health of your muscles can offer real return in terms of improved cycle performance. As C.H.E.K practitioners we don’t just massage the problem area but also offer advice and further therapy to prevent it re-occurring again. We aim to pinpoint the genesis of the problem, whether this be a key postural malalignment, a weak core or even your riding style. The practitioner will also help you build up a ‘muscle map’ of the various excessive muscular tensions and then importantly relate this back to your current core & stretch routine.  

Personal training

Personal training offers an alternative means of progressing through your programme. As opposed to carrying out your training sessions on your own, you will now be supervised and guided (and shouted at!) by your own coach. Benefits include boosted motivation and morale and importantly consistency in following the programme via way of a regular set appointment.  




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