Sports Nutrition for Cyclists


Sports Nutrition

Low carb diets? Gluten free diets? Anti- inflammatory diets? Stone age diets?! With almost as many dietary strategies as there are cyclists it’s very easy for the modern day athlete to start suffering from information over load. As a registered Nutritionist Dave can help you cut through the jargon and rationalise what’s relevant to you based on your goals and individual biology. Dave is passionate about ‘common-sense’ nutrition, founded upon solid nutritional principles. Indeed to many of us fail to stick even to the basics of nutrition and hydration yet ironically the simplest practises often yield the greatest benefit to the athlete!

What we offer

  • Personalised dietary plans for Body fat loss
  • Nutritional plans & fluid strategies for races and sportives
  • Dietary and nutritional plans for day to day training and recovery


How it works

Step 1 Decide what it is you specifically need most assistance with, based on the above options. Step 2 Complete an in depth questionnaire detailing your current dietary practises and specific requirements/gaps in knowledge for the consultation. Step 3 Attend a scheduled consultation with the Nutritionist. Each session is structured as a sit down consultation/discussion lasting approximately 1 hour. Step 4 You will receive a written summary and plan of action following the session.  

More about the Nutritionist

Dave has spent over 7 years at university, and is a triple graduate in the science of Nutrition. This includes a first class honours BSc Nutrition from Nottingham University and a post graduate diploma in Nutritional science from Chester university.  He is a registered and practising nutritionist, formulating nutritional and dietary plans to both athletes and the general public.


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