Strength Training for Cyclists


Strength Training

Want to increase raw power during climbing or sprinting? Then try our strength and conditioning programmes to help deliver pure top end force production.

Strength training for cyclists

Weight training for cyclists has traditionally been considered a winter season activity, or even something only ‘sprinters’ do. Thankfully there is now ample research suggesting the opposite is true, e.g. it is a training modality that can bring continued performance benefit if carried on throughout the summer season and is entirely applicable for both endurance riders and sprinters. A base of strength derived from weight training can really help to develop top end power and force production*, highly applicable for both climbing and 10 mile time trials (not to mention the Sunday sprints to the cafe!)  

What we offer

Development of our strength programmes for athletes is a two part process:

  1. 1 hour biomechanical screen. During this session we will analyse and measure a whole spectrum of variables such as your pelvic alignment, joint range of movement, muscle function tests, left/right asymmetries etc. The data from this session then allows us to prescribe you with a a specific programme of corrective stretches and mobilsers (with the intention of improving alignment and posture during weight training). This is an essential part of the strength programme, as loading a malaligned body with weights is likely only to lead to more dysfunction and risk of injury! A complementary programme of corrective stretches and mobilisers will therefore allow you to get the most out of your strength programme as well as reducing injury risk both on and off the bike
  2. Development of the strength programme.   This 1 hour session involves a full demonstration of each exercise and rationale behind the movements in context of how it will help you increase power and performance on the bike. Mobilisers and stretches determined from the biomechanical screen will also be integrated- providing you with the correct sequence of movements start to finish.  You will receive a written programme, with a corresponding spreadsheet to record your data.  Programme updates and modifications are recommended every 4-6 weeks.


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