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What is a CHEK practitioner?

A CHEK practitioner (Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiology) is someone who is qualified in the field of corrective exercise, e.g. exercises that will help get you out of pain and back to function. A CHEK practitioner fully embraces a holistic approach to rehabilitation, as opposed to an allopathic (isolationist) approach taken by many other therapists. This means that within a CHEK designed exercise programme you will find influence from all branches of orthopedic movement based rehabilitative therapy, including ‘core’ conditioning, therapeutic exercise (Yoga, tai-chi), massage therapy, hydrotherapy, anthropology, alternative therapies, and functional movement based training. This multi-disciplined approach allows the practitioner maximum chances of designing the best treatment programme to alleviate pain or debilitation.

What does a CHEK practitioner do?

A CHEK practitioner provides cutting edge, scientifically based corrective exercise programmes for it’s clients, built on a framework of thorough assessments and regular re-assessments. Remember that the treatment for pain and debilitation can only ever be as good as the assessment. There is no guessing. Every stretch, exercise, stress reduction technique, nutrition and lifestyle recommendation has a specific predetermined purpose to achieve a desired result. This method allows a CHEK practitioner to succeed were often other traditional methods fail.

Can a CHEK practitioner ‘treat’ my back condition?

The corrective exercise approach endorsed my CHEK practitioners is not designed to ‘treat’ your condition. Instead, the idea is to retard the disease process, and its consequent effects, by improving the orthopedic environment of the spine. Improved stabilisation of the spinal column can often lead to a significant reduction in pain and therefore a concomitant increase in functional ability.


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